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Dog Spa

Dog Spa in St. Cloud

The Pup Pantry Pet Shop, Grooming & Bakery is St. Cloud’s favorite dog grooming company. From cleansing baths to cute hair cuts, our knowledgeable and passionate dog-lovers will treat your furry family member to a luxurious spa experience.

Call our team at (407) 498-4400 to learn more about our pet spa packages!

Full-Service Dog Grooming

Our store is pleased to provide comprehensive dog grooming services for beloved pets in the area. Our trained staff is familiar with caring for all breeds of dogs. We even have extensive experience in caring for shy and nervous animals. Rest assured, all dogs are welcome at The Pup Pantry Pet Shop, Grooming & Bakery! Your precious pet is in good hands with us. Some of the spa services we offer are:

Nail filing
Ear cleaning
Brush outs
Hair cuts
Blueberry facials
Mud baths
And more!
Our spa packages vary in length depending on the package you choose and the size of your dog. We’ll also gladly customize your dog’s spa package with exclusive add-on features of your preference. Call us today to book your canine’s next pampering session!

Gentle Touch Pet Groomers

Every dog that walks through our doors is met with individualized tender loving care. We’re not only dog lovers – we’re dog experts. We get to know your animal by establishing mutual trust before we begin any of our special spa treatments with them.

We understand dogs. We know they have an innate ability to detect fear and uncertainty, which is why we always approach our canine clients with a gentle and compassionate touch. Of course, we’ll also speak in-depth with you, the pet owner, to learn of any special needs your furry friend may have. Rest assured, we do everything we can to make our spa a stress-free and inviting atmosphere for pups of all demeanors and personalities.

Certified Dog Groomers

It’s no surprise that we come highly recommended by veterinarians in St. Cloud and the surrounding area. Our knowledge of dogs goes much further than breed-specific grooming techniques. We also have wide-ranging expertise in dog nutrition, health, and biology. So, if you need advice on how to care for your dog properly, just ask. We’ll be happy to share everything we know.

At The Pup Pantry Pet Shop, Grooming & Bakery, your dog is in safe hands. Our pet groomers are all certified and have hundreds of hours of training and experience. Plus, we always have first-aid professionals on-site. The health and happiness of your dog is our number one priority.

Dog grooming is not just a job for us. It’s a profession and a passion.

We Only Use Premium Grooming Products

Dogs deserve the best and only the best. Just as we only sell the top brands and products in our shop, you can bet that we only use the very best in our dog spa. From shampoos to toothpaste, your canine companion will be treated to the best salon-quality products that money can buy. Combine these great products with the skill and knowledge of our groomers, and you’re looking at the best dog groomer in town.

Doggie Dental Treatment

Using specially designed state-of-the-art dental technology, we will make sure your dog’s teeth are cleaner than they’ve ever been. Our dental treatments are perfect for preventing puppies from developing plaque and tartar. This non-invasive technique helps to reduce gingivitis, periodontitis, and receding gums.

Do you ever wonder about your dog’s bad breath? Dental treatments at The Pup Pantry Pet Shop, Grooming & Bakery will dramatically reduce your dog’s bad breath and ensure their continued oral hygiene.

Dog Grooming and Nail Trimming

Have you noticed that your dog’s nails are getting long? It’s time you brought them to St. Cloud’s top dog groomer. Our talented groomers will trim and file their nails with the kind of expertise that can only be acquired after hundreds of hours of experience and training. It’s a delicate procedure, but the results are amazing. And it’s not just your hardwood floors that will be thanking us—your dog will too. Keep your dog feeling happy and healthy. Bring them in for a full grooming package today.

Mix and Match Spa ServicesBook Online

So, you want to book an appointment? You’re in luck. Scroll to the top of this page and click the “Booking" button. There, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of services and add-ons that will allow you to customize your pup’s spa day.

Prices vary depending on the size of your dog and the length of time required for grooming. Our online system allows you to select the services you need so that you can get an instant estimate of the final cost. After the grooming is all done, you will be given the final price with any upgrades you selected.


Upgrades include, but are not limited to:

Flea and tick check and removal
Oatmeal and aloe
Madra mud (choose from three types)
Jax and Daisy Shampoo
And if you have any questions, give us a call.

Our Pet Spa Carries Premium Pet Products

We’re dedicated to providing the best pet care in St. Cloud. That’s why we use only the best pet care products. We put a lot of thought into the products we use. We use natural and organic products for the health and safety of your animal. What’s more, we hand-select our products based on your pup’s unique coat for beautiful, shiny, and soft results! One of our favorite things to do is give our dog-clients a new hairdo. See some of our professional, adorable cuts for yourself on our gallery page!

Our Boutique Carries Healthy Snacks and Treats

We also carry a wide variety of healthy and organic snacks and treats in our boutique. Our tasty treats make a day at the spa even more enjoyable! Ask our team members about our high-quality dog grooming and food products today.

Visit Our Dog Salon Today

We believe all dogs deserve a day out at the spa! Pet owners choose The Pup Pantry Pet Shop, Grooming & Bakery for our attentive dog care and top-of-the-line grooming products. What are you waiting for? Pamper your pet today! If you have any questions or concerns about our pet spa services, don’t hesitate to drop us a line or drop by our spa for a visit. We look forward to hearing from you.

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