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Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming in St. Cloud

At The Pup Pantry Pet Shop, Grooming & Bakery, we are proud to deliver a full range of pet grooming services to the community of St. Cloud. Our experienced groomers are passionate about their work and do everything possible to ensure that your pet has a relaxing and delightful grooming experience.

For professional care at affordable rates, call to book an appointment today, (407) 498-4400.

Initial Grooming Consultation

Before we can pamper your pet, our groomers need to meet you and your furry friend. At your first appointment, we will take 10-15 minutes to meet with you and discuss your pet’s needs.

Different animals have unique fears and anxieties, as well as medical conditions. These are all factors we need to know about before working with your animal. By understanding your pet’s care needs, we’ll be able to reduce their stress and give them an enjoyable grooming experience.

At The Pup Pantry Pet Shop, Grooming & Bakery, we prioritize the quality of the grooming experience, and we book up fast. Set up a meeting by calling or stopping by our shop today!

Our Grooming Process

Once we have met with you and your pet, we can get start grooming them right away. The process will usually last anywhere from 1-4 hours, depending on the services you choose. We recommend you leave your pet at the shop with us, and we can call you when your animal is ready for pick-up. Prioritizing customer convenience is just another way we work to put our valued clients first.

Inclusive Grooming Spa

At The Pup Pantry Pet Shop, Grooming & Bakery, we accept animals of all ages, sizes, and breeds. Whether you are a frequent patron or new to the shop, we will ensure that your animal is treated with the utmost care and love. We can also work with you to develop a regular maintenance plan depending on the nature and length of your pet’s coat. Booking regular grooming will help reduce the amount of care you have to do at home and ensures that your pet remains clean and healthy.

Extensive Range of Grooming Services

We are proud to offer our clients a wide range of grooming services and packages including, but not limited to:

Full and mini grooms
Bath and blow-dry
Nail trims
Ear cleaning
Tooth brushing
Flea and tick removal
Specialized shampooing
And so much more!
We also offer services that cater to puppies, a great opportunity to get your dog comfortable with being groomed from the get-go.

To find out more about our grooming packages and walk-in options, get in touch by calling (407) 498-4400 today!

Discover Our Excellent St. Cloud Grooming Services

At The Pup Pantry Pet Shop, Grooming & Bakery, we love working with animals. We make it our business to ensure that your pet is receiving the relaxing spa treatment they deserve. No matter the size or nature of your animal, we will create a fun and welcoming environment. There is nothing more important to us than the health and well-being of our client’s pets. For high-quality grooming, trust the experienced groomers at The Pup Pantry Pet Shop, Grooming & Bakery. We look forward to making your pet look and feel better than ever!

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